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Is equal opportunity, equal opportunity and equal effort?

Today’s question is should grade 12 University level English be a requirement for entry into all university programs?

I think this question is a difficult one to answer because we live in a very globalized world and a multicultural society. When I first read the question, my main thoughts went to certain people I know, how good their English is, and whether I think those people are smart. The best way to explain what I mean by that is be using a real life example. That example being actress Sofia Vergara. Now Sofia Vergara is Columbian, English is not her first language and I wouldn’t consider her fluent, though her English is quite good. Now since Sofia isn’t fluent or doesn’t have perfect grammar (like a lot of other English as a second language people) her English mark might not be as good as others or even at the minimum grade point of 65. Does that mean that she can’t communicate? That she isn’t smart? That her ideas aren’t better than yours? Of course she can communicate well, of course you can understand her. Of course she can get a point across. Now, it has been a while since I’ve taken an English course and I don’t really pay attention to how much spelling, grammar and punctuation are weighted but we are marked on it, is it fair that these things are used to determine our ability to communicate especially when it these marks are what determine someone’s future and enrolment at university? (Not saying, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, aren’t important and this is referring to mainly written communication. Also well aware that universities will require you to show proof of English language proficiency– this is beside the point.)

Should she have to work twice as hard to perfect idle things that don’t inhibit how well she can communicate? Is it noted that she has to work twice as hard to be at the same level you and I are?

Another scenario:

Person A, is much like Sofia Vergara, English is a second language. Wants to get into the nursing program at Western. She has the prerequisites and an average of 76.

Person B, English is their first language. Also wants to get into the nursing program at Western. They have the prerequisites and an average of 86.

Let’s pretend there is only one more spot in the program and it is between person A or person B. Who do you think will get the spot. On paper person B looks better. If we looked at their situations person A has more of what it takes to be successful.

NOW, despite that argument, I do believe grade 12 University level English should be a requirement for entry into all university programs. I just hope that the people in admissions do more than look at a number on paper to make decisions that affect people’s futures.

Lastly, I feel like some changes could be made to university admission requirements- not necessarily getting rid of grade 12 university level English but rather giving the option to submit an essay about yourself along with a transcript, if you feel like your grades aren’t as competitive as others.

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